JukeLab is operated with minimal controls just like a jukebox.


  • “Scroll” through records with left and right
  • “Enter” a selection for a record and song with 0 through 9
  • “Clear” a selection with X

For example:

  • Type 2012 to select a song
    • First two digits 20 select a record
    • Next two digits 12 select the song
  • Use the arrow keys to scroll through more records
  • Type another 4 digit number to queue another song, e.g. 1204
  • Press X to clear a mistake

Party Mode

The app has a “party mode” where everything is controlled by a physical or on-screen keyboard that maps to the above, and all admin UI is hidden.

The key press enters “party mode”. To exit and show the admin UI:

  • Tap “Playing: ----” to go to “Now Playing”
  • Long press “Welcome To JukeLab”

Physical Numpad or Keyboard

The best experience is with a physical keyboard. Additional keys map to the controls:

  • left and right
    • arrow left
    • arrow right
    • enter
    • subtract
    • divide
    • multiply
  • 0 to 9
    • numbers
    • numpad numbers
  • X
    • x
    • delete
    • backspace
    • numpad decimal

Touch Numpad

The app defaults to an on-screen touch keyboard, with < and > to scroll, 0-9 to select, and X to clear.


On small devices the jukebox is a displayed as a list. Swipe to scroll through records. Tap the Enter 00 button to drill into a record, Select 0001 button to select a song, or Clear 00 to drill out of a record.