Numpads and Keyboards

A physical keyboard makes the jukebox experience

JukeLab supports whatever physical keyboards — built-in, USB or Bluetooth — your device supports. We recommend a small standalone number pad with a backlight for the closest experience to a jukebox key pad.

These numpads are verified to work:

However, support ultimately depends on your tablet. Some things to be aware of:

  • Bluetooth numpads may sleep after inactivity which cause OS and JukeLab reloads on keyboard disconnect / reconnect events.
  • A USB hub may be required to supply simultaneous USB power and a USB numpad. Tablet support for hubs maybe be missing altogether or be hit or miss based on the hub.

Key Caps

Some of the numpads above have swappable key caps. Customizing the keys can further dial in “the experience”.

Numpad with Custom Keycaps