Quick Start

Playing your first song with JukeLab is easy as 1234!

Hosting a party with JukeLab takes more thought to:

The JukeLab Experience

JukeLab simulates an old-school jukebox that lets your friends choose the music all night. The experience is best when JukeLab is:

Now everyone can participate in selecting music without using phones, hijacking bluetooth, etc.

JukeLab Device

JukeLab has tablets and numpads to rent or borrow by contacting jukelab@mixable.net.

JukeLab for iPad

An iPad and keyboard case is the most common device ready to rock for JukeLab.

First prepare the JukeLab app:

Next prepare your device:

JukeLab Device

Jukebox Playlist

JukeLab has curated playlists built in, and building your own playlist is easy:

Note how easy managing a playlist of 100 songs is, compared to a playlist of 1000+ songs for 100 full albums. Add, remove and rearrange songs until your jukebox is perfect.

See the JukeLab 101 Playlist on Spotify for reference:

Learn More

You're ready to host a party now that you have:

Read about more features to enhance your JukeLab experience...